About Us

A Welcome from our Headteacher

This website is aimed at letting you know more about the life and work of Longnor Church of England Primary School, which is a Local Authority controlled, co-educational establishment.
Find out about our Staff, how we teach, our performance, starting at our school or read on here to find out more about our outlook on primary education.

The years which your child spends in primary education are extremely important and as a school we are concerned for the well-being, happiness and development of the children in our care.

We work hard to provide an atmosphere where children feel secure in an interesting and stimulating environment. We also aim to provide a balanced curriculum, with a wide range of learning opportunities. Our overall aim is for the children to reach their full potential and become independent and responsible members of the community.

We believe that we can only achieve the best for our children by close co-operation between home and school. Parents are positively encouraged to share in their children’s education and members of staff are always available to discuss related issues.

IMG_0036The information in this website is periodically checked to ensure that it is up to date, however we will endeavour to notify you of any changes as they arise.
We trust that you will share with us in making this a successful and happy period in both you and your child’s life.

Lucy Adams