The school follows the National Curriculum, incorporating both the Primary and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The following provides an outline of the basic principles of Longnor Primary School:

IMG_1187Our overall aim is to provide rich and challenging learning experiences which enable our children to reach their full potential and become independent and responsible members of the community. Within the school we work to create an environment which is stimulating and interesting, where children develop an enthusiasm for learning and feel motivated to learn. We also set out to create a caring friendly atmosphere in which children feel secure and develop a sense of belonging.
We aim to provide a curriculum which is distinctive, creative and appropriate to the needs of all our children. We regard each child as an individual and provide equal opportunity for all, catering for individual needs and different Learning Styles through differentiation of tasks and a variety of activities. We aim to equip children with the “tools” or skills for learning. In addition to being both literate and numerate we feel it is important for children to be able to observe, communicate effectively, solve problems and be creative. We also strongly promote independent learning.
We look for quality in all aspects of the children’s work and have high expectations of our pupils. The school aims to deliver a full and balanced curriculum, planned around themes, which set out to provide meaningful and stimulating contexts for learning. These are supported by visits and use of the local environment. Alongside this we recognise the need for some discrete teaching.

As a staff we use a variety of approaches, as appropriate, ranging from individual to whole class teaching. Through work and play we also help to develop a respect towards each
other and the world around us. We hope to develop social skills including: confidence, self-motivation and discipline, independence, cooperation and consideration of others. These attributes we feel are encouraged in part through the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education, R.E. and P.E., alongside such initiatives as ‘Forest School’, and the ‘School Garden’, which place a general emphasis on the child as an autonomous learner. We also aim to promote children’s personal development, safety and well-being, through strong partnerships with parents and the local community. We encourage children to be conscientious and have a positive attitude to their work in school. Our aim is for all children to feel a sense of achievement.