We’ve heard back from the police!

We wrote questions for the police officers at Shrewsbury and they’ve replied with a personalised video to answer them. We’ve learnt so much from each department and we’re very grateful.

Special Places – Religious Education

We’ve been exploring special places and looking at a variety of places of worship. We also went on a Bible hunt and shared some stories from the Bible. Little Owls were great at asking questions and sharing their views. They then went on to draw and label their own churches and colour stained glass windows.


Little Owls have been busy baking buns. They took it in turns to weigh the ingredients, mix them together and put the mixture in the cases. They waited patiently for them to cook and enjoyed sharing them with Tawny Owls.

Look at what Little Owls have made!

Roll up roll up!
Little Owls are nearly ready for the Frost Fayre tomorrow! Look at all the things we have ready so far!
Thank you so much for all of your donations to make this possible.
Hopefully we will see you tomorrow between 6 and 8 in the school hall.


Maths – Digging Deeper

This morning we hid some counting bears in a bag and the children had to feel how many bears were in the bag. We asked questions about 1 more and 1 less and used our fingers to show how many.


We have been talking about how different countries celebrate birthdays differently. In China, people often eat long noodles. In Atlantic Canada, people rub butter on the noses of the birthday person for good luck and to make sure the bad luck slips away. In Denmark, they put out flags and with this in mind we designed our own birthday flags.

Fine motor skills

Today we have been making candy cane reindeers for the Frost Fayre. We started by first carefully wrapping a pipe cleaner around the candy canes. Then using a tiny bit of glue and our fine motor skills to put the eyes and nose on.
Jacob worked really well on this activity today and enjoyed it a lot! He found wrapping a little tricky at first but asked for help and got the job done. His fine motor skills were great for sticking the eyes and nose on.

Starbooks Challenge

Little Owls Reception children are now joining in with ‘Starbooks’ like the rest of the school to encourage reading at home!

For each day that you read at home, and a comment is written in your record, you will get a stamp on your Starbooks card. We would like you to read your phonics book but we know that sometimes, you can be really tired so a sharing book will also count.

When your card is full, you will get a hot chocolate (hot squash, warm milk…) for a treat in school.

We will keep the cards in school and update them when we listen to you read in class.

Happy reading Little Owls.