School Dinners

You may have noticed 7p getting added to your child’s school dinner charges on ParentPay each day for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. This is an error and will be sorted and cleared before the end of term. Thank you

Reminder – Little Owls Farm trip tomorrow

Just a reminder that Little Owls will be visiting Home Farm tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd April). Please see the information below.

On Tuesday 22nd April 2024, we will be taking the children to see the lambs at Home Farm, Attingham. We will leave school by coach at 9.30a.m and return in time for usual end of day arrangements. We are grateful to the Dixon family for inviting us.

If your preschool child does not normally attend on a Tuesday, but you wish them to attend the trip, we ask that you meet us at the farm and accompany your child on the tour. Please mention on arrival to the farm that you are with the school group and they will let you in for free.

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch (no nuts, fizzy drinks or glass bottles please). Please also make sure they wear wellies and a waterproof coat.

Night Owls

If you have not completed your end of day form for March, please make sure you telephone the office in advance to book your child into Night Owls for the remainder of this month.

It is important that we know how many children to expect in Night Owls each day – this is a pre-booked service, not a drop in.

The end of day form is sent out by email and with the newsletter towards the end of each month. You need to click the link and complete the form. A new form is needed for every calendar month. Once the form is submitted, any changes will need to be made by telephoning the office. The new end of day form for April will be out in the coming days.

Thank you for your support.

Change of time for sharing assembly on Friday – Little Owls

Please can we change the time of sharing assembly to 2:45pm. If you would like to take children home (and siblings) following this assembly then this can be arranged.

Eye Screen – Opt out

Tomorrow we have the nurses coming in to do an Eye Screen for all Reception aged children. An opt-out consent form was sent home last term. If you do not want your child to receive an Eye Screen please can you send it into school with them tomorrow.

Little Owls Play

Little Owls play will be held at 2pm tomorrow – Wednesday 19th July – in the school hall.

Many thanks.

Little Owls Beach Trip

We are all really looking forward to the trip tomorrow!

If you haven’t given consent yet, please do so on Parentpay.
PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN DEPARTURE AND ARIVAL HOME TIMES! This is due to the hot weather expected tomorrow.
Please arrive at school for 7.45 into the school hall.
Please can you make sure that your child/ren come to school wearing suncream. It really makes the day much easier if they are in all day protection, so we don’t have to top up as the day goes on. Please can you LET US KNOW if your child will need their protection topped up at lunch and provide the suncream in a named bag. I will have a check list with me for the children that we have been told about.
We will provide a school legionnaires hat for the children from Little Owls to wear making them easily identifiable as part of our group.
Children may come on the trip in their summer clothes however, these criteria MUST be followed:
*Shoulders must be covered.
*Trainers must be worn. (We will be able to remove these on the beach once we have done a sand check of the area we are in.)
Please make sure they come with a reasonable sized water bottle. We will have water available to top up when needed.
As always, any questions, please let me know.
Thank you for your continued support.

Claire Hughes

New Brighton Beach Trip – Little Owls

Due to the extreme heat forecast for Tuesday, the trip to New Brighton Beach will now be leaving at 8am and returning at the earlier time of 3pm.