Gifted, Talented and More Able Children

In attempting to meet the needs of all children, the school recognises that some children have special gifts or talents. It is important that children have an opportunity to develop their skills and succeed.
The needs of gifted and talented children are catered for through:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum.
  • A full range of extra-curricular activity.
  • Careful and sensitive involvement of specialists, consultants and peripatetic teachers.
  • Special visits and visitors.
  • Well established links with clubs and agencies outside school.
  • Celebration of achievement.

There is also recognition that a varying percentage of children, within relatively small cohorts, represent a potentially ‘More Able’ group whose needs should be met by:

  • Careful differentiation of both task and outcome to ensure challenge.
  • Additional provision, at times within a range of ‘Support Groups’.

Special Educational Needs & Disability

The school’s Special Educational Needs & Disability policy is based on the following principles:

  • That all children are entitled to an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum.
  • That all teachers are teachers of children with Special Educational Needs & Disability and have a responsibility to meet those needs with the advice and support of the school co-ordinator and external professionals; as appropriate.
  • That needs will be identified at an early stage and progress monitored in line with the national Code of Practice.
  • That pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disability will be fully integrated into the life of the school, enabling them to maximise their potential as learners and to contribute to the social and cultural activities of the school.

Pupils with Disabilities

Governors have taken a number of steps to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than others. They have adopted an Accessibility Plan to ensure that all children have access to the curriculum and to the physical environment of the school.

We have a dedicated page detailing our SEND provision and the local offer, read more here: