George’s letter to Sir David Attenborough

Longnor Primary School

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Richmond                                                                                   Shropshire

Surrey                                                                                          SY5 7PP

TW10 6NS


Dear Sir David,

I am a student at Longnor Primary School I am writing to inform you about the devastation caused by palm oil. Palm oil is a type of oil that is found in lots of food we eat and other products. It is destroying homes of animals and the rainforest.

Therefore I think it would be really helpful if you could spread the word. In my opinion, it is horrible, because every hour 300 football pitches of forest are destroyed. The big problem is that we can not destroy the palm oil industry because of people’s jobs. It is also good because it is cheap to buy and it grows faster than any other oil.

However, 1000 orangutans are killed every year and 6000 are left because of the deforestation. I am writing to you because you love wildlife. I have watched Blue Planet, that is how I know.

Eventually, all of the animals in the rainforest will be killed by us destroying their habitat and I know you will want to change that. I hope you can turn this around.

Yours sincerely,

George Payton age 10.



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