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Secondary Transfer

Taken from Shropshire County Council Website:

Children who are in Year 6 at a primary or junior school from September 2023 will transfer to secondary school in September 2024.

Applications should be made online. There are some guidance notes available on this webpage to help you make your application. If you have any queries or encounter any difficulties completing your application, please contact the School Admissions Team through email – school-admissions@shropshire.gov.uk.

The online facility is open from 5 September 2023. You must apply by 31 October 2023.

Applications received after 31 October, without exceptional reasons, are considered late. Late applications will not be processed until all the applications received on time have been allocated. This may result in your child not being offered a school place at your preferred school. Please indicate if there is a reason the application is being made after the closing date (eg a house move).