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Sex Education

RSE in our school is part of the personal, social and health education curriculum.  This is integrated within the wider school curriculum and complements and overlaps with the general ethos and life of the school.

To provide a planned, age-appropriate scheme of work, designed to respond to pupils’ questions and capitalise on the fascination and interest that children have about their own growth and development and to offer reassurance that such changes are normal and natural.

In planning and presenting our RSE programme, we provide the opportunity for pupils to express themselves within a trusted and safe environment, following agreed ground rules. We want to reassure children of their value and self-worth including aspects of dignity, self- respect and self-restraint, help them to have a responsible attitude towards personal relationships including mutual respect and care and to develop sensitivity towards the needs of others, provide knowledge of loving relationships and human reproductive process.

We aim to inform children on matters of personal hygiene and related health issues, encourage exploration of values and moral issues, taking into account physical and moral risks associated with certain behaviour, educate against discrimination and prejudice and help prepare children to make informed choices about relationships.

We offer a planned and age-appropriate scheme of work, devised to meet the following aims and objectives:

Our scheme of work aims to:

  • Provide a forum in which sensitive discussions can take place
  • Prepare pupils for puberty, and give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene
  • Raise and promote positive self esteem
  • Help pupils develop their skills and confidence in making decisions, communication, assertiveness, self-expression, respect for self and others
  • Help pupils communicate and understand their feelings and emotions
  • Provide pupils with skills necessary to keep themselves happy and safe
  • Prepare pupils for the physical and emotional changes of growing up
  • Offer opportunity for pupils to develop and clarify their attitudes and values
  • Counteract myths and misinformation
  • Create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships
  • Challenge media stereotypes, oppression and prejudice and promote equal opportunities
  • Explain the meaning of words in a sensible and factual way, using correct names for body parts and functions
  • Provide reassurance that change is part of the lifecycle and help pupils accept variations in rates of growth and give support in adjusting to these changes.
  • Develop the confidence to seek help, support and advice
  • Teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies

Please refer to our full policy here for further details:


RSE knowledge mapped through the school