Published on: 26th October, 2023

Thursday 26th October


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Thursday 26th October

Good evening,

Thank you to all families that managed to come into school to meet with us for parents’ evening. It was really valuable taking time to talk about individuals and discuss next steps with you. If there are any families that didn’t manage to book an appointment, we’d appreciate having a meeting so if you are able to, please contact the office to arrange a meeting.

The pumpkins look amazing! Very well done to all the artistic creations and all the wonderful designs. It was a really tricky decision choosing winners and we ended up giving a record number of prizes this year. Well done to everyone and to our winners: Annie, George, Rohan, Adelaide, Henri, Rose, Darcy, Izzy and Megan. The pumpkins are outside school ready for the disco – please collect these this evening before the half term break.

Well done to our golden ticket winners for this month: Ben, Tilly, Florence and Owen. Their VIP table looked fantastic with Halloween themed gifts. It is wonderful that the ladies in the kitchen can say thank you to those that are always polite and show excellent table manners. Next month we will give another eight tickets to those that demonstrate amazing respect in the lunch hall.

If you are in the school hall at any time, please have a look at our amazing ‘Wow wall’. There is some fantastic work that children from all year groups have created and shared with me. We are very proud of the progress that everyone is making. Well done, Longnor school.

Have a lovely half term break and stay safe.

All the best.

Mrs L. Edgerton

November End of Day

Please complete your child’s November end of day form by 5th November.

Thank you.


This week we have started to think about our School Vision:

‘Inspiring a lifelong love of learning.’

We have thought about what this means to us and why the words have been chosen. A lot of children thought about the lifelong skills we learn at Longnor to be great citizens and look after our world. We also thought about the range of subjects that we have in school and how teachers take time to plan inspiring learning opportunities for all the subjects. Some thought about how we make learning fun and enjoyable.

Staff (teachers and support staff) have also been thinking about the theology that sits behind our school vision. A while a go the office asked whether any parents would be interested in discussing the school vision further and the theology that supports our decisions. We are now in a position to have a working group to discuss this. Please contact the office and let us know if you are able to join us and whether you are available the week commencing the 13th November 2023.

British Values

In assembly, we have thought about the Human Rights Acts that were developed after WW2. We watched a video called ‘We are all born free’ and then thought about how human rights are linked to democracy and rule of law. It was really interesting thinking about how we have our voice and say in a democratic society and about how we are fortunate to have human rights acts to support peace and freedom throughout the world.

Click here for the video. 

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

This year we are once again supporting the Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion and Remembrance Day. We have one box of merchandise and one box of Poppies to sell and help raise funds. Years 5 and 6 will be selling these at breaktimes from Monday 6th November.

There are suggested donations for the merchandise: Slap Band – £1.50, Wristband – £1.00, Reflector – 50p and Zip Pulls 50p.


Bonfire Night Safety

Parent Survey 2023

We really appreciate your thoughts and opinions and always respond to your suggestions from the parent questionnaire. If you could spare five minutes to provide us with some feedback, we would really appreciate it. Please use this Google Form:

Saturday 28th October – a blessing of pets

Church Stretton Fireworks

Moreton Hall Half Term Sports Camps

Festive Fun Run

Cookery Club extra session

We will be holding an extra session of cookery club on Friday 10th November to make up for the session that was missed on Friday 20th October.

Many thanks.

Parenting helpline

BEAM sessions

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is designed to provide schools with additional resources to support potentially vulnerable children, such as those who are Looked After or those on Free School Meals. The funding for 2023-2024 is £1345 per child.

Current spending is based on the idea of providing additional class support to each eligible child using a simple formula. At the moment, this is equivalent to 2 hours teaching assistant support per week for each child. The children will be supported through targeted intervention either in small groups or within the class lessons. Funding is also used towards class trips and music lessons.

In line with DfE performance tables the data for disadvantaged children is supressed, as individuals could be identified. The progress of all groups of pupils is carefully monitored through internal tracking, so that the impact of Pupil Premium funding can be evaluated and targeted as necessary.

Registering for Pupil Premium

If your child does not have Free School Meals but may be eligible due to your family’s income level, please contact the office (in confidence) to register them, or you can register online at:

Children in Key Stage One who receive the Universal Free School Meals still need to be registered for Pupil Premium if they are to receive the extra funding. Even if you do not wish them to have the meals, registering them would mean we could still claim Pupil Premium funding that may be used to help your child.

For general information about Pupil Premium click on the link below: