The dark night by Oscar Bennion

The Dark night.

It was dark, very dark, no happiness was upon them, no peace, no laughter, just blood, pure blood. This night was endless, haunting and sinister. It felt like war. This immense, aggressive, bewildering blackness, which was extremely haunting, was like a volcano spitting black ash into the sky until all light from the world had been expelled. Suddenly, the disturbing thoughts set into them: the thoughts of blood, storms and hurricanes, the thoughts of tsunamis: cyclones and tornados: the thoughts of peace miles away: the thoughts of happiness and laughter made them feel like this was the end of the world. This dull, dense and haunted night, which was filled with fear, will never be forgotten until the world ends.

Time crept on…

As quick as a flash, they tried with all their might, to end this horrific night. They tried for thirty long, unforgettable minutes; it felt like thirty long never-ending generations.  Before anyone could think, this fearful night turned darker, darker than anything before. All that surrounded them was blood, sweat and tears: these three things made the night worse, pushing the world to its edge: to the edge of mysterious destruction, destruction that will end the universe: the universe that has changed mankind: the a universe that can never be repaired: the universe that will never bring happiness anymore: the universe that will never be used for good again…


Suddenly, a hero arrived, a hero that was so powerful and almightily careful that even the best surgeon in the world couldn’t defeat him. This marvellous, undefeated man, whose blue uniform shined in the darkness, came over like an army preparing for battle. He was brave. This hero helped this battle with the night end, bringing peace to them. Finally, quietness was upon them, quietness that no-one has experienced, quietness calmer than a yacht in a still harbour on a deserted island in an ocean.

“Moo!” A new life was upon them: a life that will change the world forever.

By Oscar Bennion


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